Welcome to Conscious Perspective.

Here’s a little about us and why we’re here:

Within the next year Canadians will witness an interesting phenomenon. Something that has been demonized and illegal for decades will become legal, and with it, an industry worth billions of dollars. Conscious Perspective aims to raise awareness about this emerging industry and to help break down the negative stigma and misinformation that has been systematically affiliated with Cannabis during prohibition. Conscious Perspective will provide information and insight into medical and recreational cannabis and the multibillion dollar industry that will follow the end of prohibition.

Given the upcoming social-economic change it will be necessary for society to re-evaluated how it thinks about Cannabis. Questions need to be asked, such as what will the social norms for cannabis be in a post prohibition society? These are the types of questions that we want to answer.

Conscious Perspective seeks to document the transition of Cannabis from a black market product to a regulated good by providing quality and useful information, and in doing so, produce content that demonstrates thought leadership necessary to help position this emerging market as a whole in a positive manner. Additionally, Conscious Perspective aims to provide current medical marijuana patients with valuable information about what options are available to them within the current legal framework.