The Current State of Cannabis

Let’s Take a Look at the Current State of Cannabis
We are well aware that the Liberal government plans to legalize cannabis, but let’s talk about the current state of cannabis in Canada during this interm period.

Is cannabis consumption legal yet?
No, currently cannabis remains illegal, with the exception of those who hold a mmpr card. Despite currently still being illegal, there are many Toronto cannabis dispensaries operating.  Under the current legal framework, medicinal cannabis users must select and purchase from a single legal producer.  For the most part, Toronto cannabis dispensaries sell only to registered members who hold mmpr.

Here’s a link to Health Canada’s Guide to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations

Some dispensaries have rather lax policies in which you have a skype call with a naturopath that advises you that cannabis can help your described ailment.  Others such as Cannabis Culture have begun selling recreationally and are one of the first dispensaries bold enough to begin doing so.

Marijuana March For Freedom Is Held on Parliament Hill

OTTAWA, ON – JUNE 5: A Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf flys alongside Parliament Hill In Ottawa, Canada during a rally in support of legalizing marijuana in Canada on Saturday, June 5, 2004. The Supreme Court of Canada recently upheld a decision to keep marijuana as a banned substance. (Photo by Donald Weber/Getty Images)

Dozens of dispensaries have opened up over the last few months.  Many have been raided and several of these have even re-opened, in some cases, done so the very next day!  It is clear that the Toronto cannabis dispensary industry is serious about staying in business.

shutterstock_427455145Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot, protests the raiding of dispensaries in Toronto

Notable Dispensaries

Canna ClinicThoughts: It’s like the McDonalds of pot…
Eden MedicalThoughts: These guys are like the Apple of Cannabis… $$$$$ though.
PureReleafThoughts: Fair pricing and variety.  Products typically display their potency and CBD composition.
Cannabis Culture – Thoughts: A recreational dispensary that’s great for those who don’t want to do the medical song and dance.

Getting involved with the cannabis industry before it becomes legal is risky business, but some argue this is necessary to help ensure that those who have helped make this industry what it is have a part in it.  Conscious Perspective believes that Toronto cannabis dispensaries are the model that the Federal govenrment should follow going after ending prohibition.

VICE takes a look into Canada’s current “Grey Market of cannabis”

Thoughts on Toronto’s Dispensary Scene…

  • Regulation does not exist yet.  It appears the the Toronto Police Department’s biggest concern regarding the lack of regulation was related to the unregulated sale of edibles, which dispensaries en ass have stopped selling.
  • The lack of regulation means that you cannot guarantee what you are purchasing yet. Some dispensaries have obtained testing for their products and provide read outs of their products potency and cannabinoid composition.
  • Look before you buy.  Like any piece of produce you should inspect it before you purchase it.  This is especially true given the current lack of regulation.
  • Take the time to ask questions and educate yourself as needed.
  • There has been a lot of discussion about the amount of dispensaries that have sprouted up in recent months.  Many people have complained about this and have urged the city to take action.  We should let the market do what markets do, decide winners and losers.  If there are too many dispensaries in the city they will have to actually  start competing with each other, the first few dispensaries will have it easy, the product will sell itself.  We will see dispensaries upping their customer experience model, packaging, product, etc.



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